We all get that feeling. The “I don’t want to concentrate today” mentality or the Netflix vibes. Sometimes we are just not in the mood to read. I find that once I do these tried and true methods I am usually into my reading in no time.

  1. Make sure you actually are enjoying the book-

If you are reading a book that you do not find entertaining or is not adding value to your life in some way, then put it down. I of course suggest giving it a chance first (don’t give up first five pages). I’ve found some really amazing reads that I thought I were going to be mediocre by sticking with it past the first 50-100 pages. That being said, don’t waste your time. Reading should not feel like a chore!

2. Drink a Tea or Coffee

9 times out of 10 I just want some green tea, chai, or latte before I start my reading for the day. This peppermint tea is one of my favorites!ย There is something about a nice hot drink that just makes me want to read about other worlds and imagine far away places. Sipping warm drinks also helps me personally concentrate.

3. Listen to an Audiobook

Tried and true method. An Audiobook of the same or different book can make me back in the reading mood. I can also accomplish a lot this way; between working out, doing chores, playing with the dog, or coloring there is always something I can do while listening. My favorite activity while listening to an audiobook is working out, though!

4. Go Somewhere New

Sometimes I just need a space to clear my head. Driving and listening to music is always a nice break from the day for me. All you may need is a new environment, such as a cafe or library to get you out of the reading slump. Bookstores are also quite motivating, I find because then I want to read all the books and I have to finish the one I’m on to start all of these new ones I want to buy ๐Ÿ˜‰

5. Start With Something Simple

Sometimes I may sit and meditate beforehand. Or journal. Or read a magazine. Whatever gets you in a reflective mood will probably also help to get you into the reading mood as well.

Bonus Round:ย I may even check my Goodreads and get social- nothing like checking my Reading Challenge for the year to get me motivated. Seeing that others are reading makes me want to join in too!

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