Caraval had me feeling all the feels. From the first page, I was entertained. Chapter 1 is written in a really interesting way, through a correspondence between the main character, Scarlett, and Legend, a mysterious leader of the event that everyone throughout the Isles is talking about, Caraval. Caraval is kind of like the “it” event. If Caraval was an event in today’s standards, it would be the equivalent to Coachella or being selected as a participant in a reality TV show.

Characters to Watch Out For: My favorite characters were Scarlett and Julian, not sure if that makes me basic but they were the most intriguing to me!

Would This Book Make A Good Movie?: Absolutely, sign the rights now. The movie would be a heart-racing tear jerker with plenty of intrigue.

Song/Album/Artist That Most Fits This Book:ย Anything by Muse.

What I Liked: ย The characters were well thought out, the book was unpredictable, and it didn’t get stuck in description with too few events. Something was always happening and it was always kept you guessing. If you like thrillers, you are in for a treat!

What I Didn’t Like/ What You May Not Like: Hmmm… I’m not sure if there was actually anything I didn’t like. If you are not into what I would call “unpractical descriptions”, you may get a little annoyed. The author speaks in metaphors and similes a lot. I personally enjoyed this though! I like when language is a little bit embellished!

Rating: A raving review of ย 5 stars!!!

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