Who didn’t love seeing all of our favorite Beauty and the Beast Characters again? My personal favorite was seeing Ewan McGregor as Lumiere and of course Emma Watson as Beauty! I found the movie absolutely astounding and started looking into some Beauty and the Beast retellings. I thought you guys might be interested too, so I’ve compiled a list of five Beauty and the Beast retellings; some are very similar to the story, but most have a cool and unique twist! Hope you enjoy!

1.A Court of Thorns and Roses

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If you haven’t read this yet, go drop everything and read it! That’s how amazing I found A Court of Thorns and Roses to be (though the sequel is even better). I actually did not know this was a Beauty and the Beast retelling at first because the story has such a unique spin. It mixes ancient folklore about faeries. I found out after doing some research that there are actually what are called high fae and low fae; you learn a lot about fae legend in these books. The story also mixes a legend of Tamlin based off of British and Irish folklore. The enchanted castle and its’ servants are present, and the story still has a very much Beauty and the Beast vibe. It’s beautiful, highly recommend.

Read This If you Want To See: A retelling that is unpredictable and completely different from the original.

2. Hunted

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Yeva grew up as an aristocrat, away from the forest that her father claims is full of secrets. When her father loses his fortune, Yeva and her sisters move into these mysterious woods. Life seems peaceful until one day he disappears. Yeva decides to track down the creature her father had been obsessing over since she could remember in order to save her father.

Read This If You Want To See: Beauty as a huntress!


3. Cruel Beauty

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.32.57 PM.pngNyx is betrothed to a man she’s never met, the evil ruler of her kingdom, Ignifex, after a bargain her father struck years ago. He has put a curse on her kingdom that has lasted for 900 years! Once she is married, she plans to seduce and then kill him. As Nyx gets to know Ignifex, she begins to be more drawn to him, as he was not quite what she had expected. Now she must choose between love and duty.

Read This If You Want To See: A darker Beauty, and a mix of genres that includes Greek Mythology!

4. Beastly (Kendra Chronicles)

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Beauty and the Beast in a New York high school. This book deals with contemporary issues, and shows us how the tale relates to us today, and how our society (especially during the high school years) sometimes forgets that beauty is much more than what you look like and how popular you are.

Read This If You Want To See: A contemporary version where it feels like the story could happen to you.

Also this was made into a movie, so if you’re looking for another movie retelling I’ve added the trailer for you here! Also Neil Patrick Harris is in this and he’s awesome.


5. Uprooted

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Every ten years, one young woman in Agnieszka’s village is chosen to serve The Dragon, a mysterious wizard. The year has come again, and Agnieszka is one of many who could be chosen.

Read This One If You Want To See: A story that reads like a true fairy tale, but the Brothers Grimm variety and very dark.


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