Are you wondering how to engage with your followers on a deeper level, and how to make your Bookstagram profile full of highly commented photos that people authentically enjoy? Read on to learn my tips for engaging with followers in the bookish world!

I started my bookstagram this January of 2017 as a sort of new years resolution. I was just getting out of a horrible reading slump, and becoming extremely passionate about reading again in December of 2016. I wanted to join the community of book lovers that I missed very much after leaving my job at Barnes and Noble to focus on grad school. It has been an amazing journey to go from barely getting ten likes a photo, to getting so many likes and comments from people that I feel like are my friends. I have the beautiful bookish community to thank for that, and I wanted to give back by helping those new to the bookstagram world, or those of you who want a more engaged following, by giving a few tips so that you too can grow an engaged following of lovely bookstagrammers who share a similar passion.

I won’t be able to get into as much detail as what you will find in my ebook, Post Your Best Bookstagram Photos Ever but I still hope that you can use this post as a tool to begin or continue in a successful bookstagram journey. So, let’s get started.

  1. Post About Your Passion- If you don’t like it, you will get bored, will have a hard time coming up with captions, and will feel uninspired. If you are posting about books that YOU love, no matter how popular they are, your personality and love will shine through, and people will be attracted to that. Basically, be you, be authentic. This is my #1 tip and the one that I truly think is most important.
  2. Comment, Comment, and Comment some more- When you start a conversation with someone, they want to reciprocate. Find hashtags (such as #bookstagram) that you personally find interesting and start talking to people about their posts! Maybe, for example, you really like Jane Austen novels. Start looking through posts about Jane Austen, and comment about why you love her novels. If someone is posting about it, chances are they want to talk about it! Not only will you have an awesome conversation, but people will want to check out your profile and leave likes and comments.
  3. Do Not Forget About Instagram Stories- Make sure this is personal. Post videos or photos of your life (only what you feel comfortable with, of course). Talk about why you are loving or hating a book. Take your followers on a trip with you to the bookstore. Why is this important? Because people will realize you are a real person, and they will be intrigued and want to take another look at your profile. Also, if you ask a question about your upcoming or current post, people’s curiosity will be peaked and they will want to check it out and engage!
  4.  Ask Questions In Your Post- Pretend when you are writing your caption that you are literally having a conversation with someone face to face. When having conversations, as you guys know, we don’t talk AT people, we talk with them. Create a caption that is not a lecture, but a conversation starter. What am I curious to know about my followers? Let’s say I am reading a really interesting book. An easy question to ask would be if other people have read the book and what their opinions on it are. Or, you could get more in depth. Maybe you despise a character, ask others what characters they despise and why. Also, think about what makes you respond to someone’s caption. Ask those kinds of questions.
  5. Bookstagram Pods- Get a group of bookish friends together and create a pod! A pod is basically just a group message where you talk about your bookish posts, what you are reading, and other fun topics! When you post, you notify these friends. It is basically a bookstagram support group, and it can be an extremely fun way to get engagement and to connect with others in the bookish community, which is what Instagram is truly all about.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and start a pod, chances are they are looking to be apart of a group too!
  6. Big accounts- along the lines of the commenting tip, it is helpful to comment on trending posts on big hashtags, such as bookstagram. This will get big accounts, and the smaller accounts that follow them, to check out your account as well as to hopefully comment and like some of your pictures. I have discovered some amazing accounts this way, both large and small, and it can be really fun way to discover some new friends and to create more engagement on your account!

I hope these tips have helped you feel more confident in your bookstagramming journey. Remember, the ultimate most important thing is that you are enjoying creating and that you are being authentic. The rest will come with time and perseverance.

Again, I have so many tips that it is hard to condense into one post! If you want to learn more about content creation and establishing an engaged following, please check my book, Post Your Best Bookstagram Photos Ever by clicking the link! I have included tips such as how to choose a theme, what editing applications that I use, photography tips specifically for books, marketing tips such as the ones in this article, and for a limited time, bonus interactive worksheets that are valued at over $30 with no additional cost to you! I hope that you have found this article helpful, don’t forget to comment or email me with any questions you may have!

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