Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. Whether we are into writing blog posts, taking photographs, or just posting on social media, I believe we all enjoy creating  in our own unique ways. I think we could all use more creativity in a world that tends to emphasize conformity. Creativity is really all about thinking in your own unique way and embracing your individuality. This can be both freeing and isolating. Finding other creatives always helps in the experience. I’ve found these YouTube channels useful as both a form of mentorship and of creative stimulation, and I hope that they will help you guys too. This list includes some channels that talk about creativity in general over a broad spectrum of subjects, and some are a bit specialized. I hope that you will find a few that are useful for you. I have personally binge watched every one of these channels and have found them to be outstanding in their own creativity, as well as encouraging others.

  1. MakeLight – I absolutely love this channel and am so surprised they don’t have more subscribers! The channel is run by husband and wife, who both are creatives for a living. The video I’ve added below really helped inspire me personally because it is all about discovering your creative career. I completely agree with this video, no matter how small, create SOMETHING every day. The channel also has videos about creating on social media, starting a creative business, photography, and basically any other video for creatives you can think of.

2. Kristen Martin-  If you are thinking about writing a book, or looking for videos about writing creatively, this is the channel for you. I have been binge-watching Kristen’s videos, as I personally have been considering writing a fiction book. Her channel talks about writing character profiles, the whole process of self-publishing books, and other videos that encourage creativity in the form of writing.

3. The Art of Photography- Ted is great for inspiration in terms of creativity in photography. I absolutely love seeing his passion in photography and his conversational style. The video below talks all about connecting with the location you are currently living in. He has some videos that focus on particular cameras, but many are just about photography itself. His channel is a good one for anyone into the photography side of things.

4. Just Kiss My Frog- I stumbled across this channel and have never seen anything like it in the best way! This particular video is about the art of poetry, but I find every video to really stimulate creativity.  Leena talks about anything and everything; the philosopy of aging, books you’ve never seen before, and the art of inspiration are all videos you will see and that are ultimately very thought provoking! She works in the book industry too, which is very enlightening and extremely interesting to watch!

5. Ted Talks- I really enjoy this channel, and they have many videos about creativity. This specific one is about how there needs to be more creativity in schools, and I personally agree. Whether you are in or out of school, this is an encouraging talk to listen to and can be very validating for creatives.

I hope you guys enjoy this list! Did you find particular channels useful? What do you like to be creative in? Let me know in the comments below!


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Post Your Best Bookstagram Photos Ever
Post Your Best Bookstagram Photos Ever

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