Ever wish you could sit back and lounge by the deck of the pool, or lay in the warm sand by the beach, and read a book surrounded with themes about the ocean? Well now’s your chance! I compiled this list of summer reads that scream summer through and through. Because who doesn’t think of summer and immediately think of the ocean and swimming?

This list has reads anywhere from romance, to fantasy, to mermaids, so you are sure to find something to fit your tastes.

Given To The Sea-  This story is both a love story and a fantasy novel. In this society, a girl named Khosa must be sacrificed once she has produced an heir to the throne, and be literally given to the sea in order to preserve the kingdom.  Genre: Fantasy

Daughter of the Pirate King- Alosa is in search of a legendary treasure, and will do whatever it takes to get it, include be captured by her very enemies! This one is great for fans of Pirates of the Caribbean! Genre: Fantasy

Girl Out of Water- This one has more to do with yearning for the ocean, Anise is forced to leave her home in Santa Cruz and her life of surfing to live in landlocked Newbraska.  This story is about her journey of turning her talent for surfing into a talent for skateboarding, and potentially finding love along the way. Genre: Contemporary

If Birds Fly Back- A mixture of a  love story and mystery thriller with humorous moments thrown in , If Birds Fly Back sounds like quite the summer read! Genre: Contemporary

I was sold by this blurb by Jeff Zetner:

If Birds Fly Back feels like that last hazy, sun-drenched summer of high school, when you know you’ll need to find your place in the world, but you’re busy laughing and falling in love under starlit skies. It’s the rarest author who can pull off laugh-out-loud hilarious, profound, and breathlessly romantic, all in the most sparkling prose. That shortlist includes Rainbow Rowell, Nicola Yoon, and now, Carlie Sorosiak.”

Shearwater (Ocean Depths Mermaid Romance #1)- This story is a young adult mermaid novel, that includes paranormal romance and mythology. It’s also set in Ireland, so you know there will be a ton of descriptions of beautiful scenery! Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

The Seafarer’s Kiss-  If you like reading about mermaids you are in for a treat! In this retelling of The Little Mermaid, Ersel wants to know what life is like beyond the ice shelf that she lives in. When she saves a maiden from the sea, Ragna, the glacier’s king wants to punish her. Ersel makes a deal with Loki (yes the Loki from the movie Thor and Norse Mythology!) to gain her freedom. But of course, the deal comes with a price. Genre: Fantasy, Diverse Read!

Once and For All- This new release by Sarah Dessen is all about the life of a wedding planner, Louna, who plans gorgeous weddings by the ocean! Will Louna find love as well? Genre: Contemporary Romance

Blue Tide- Set in the Asian Pacific, Lux tries to escape from the tropical island in which she was stranded, until she gets captured by a pirate. Lux must make a choice between attempting mutiny, or seeing if this pirate can help her escape. Genre: Adventure

Starfish- Kiko Himura deals with social anxiety and a narccissistic mother. She also really wants to go to art school. One day, Kiko receives an invitation from a childhood friend to go to the west coast and tour art schools, she jumps at the opportunity! This is a coming of age story about finding yourself, set in the beautiful setting of the coast.

Heart of the Storm- This is the last in the Undertow trilogy, the first being Undertow  , followed by it’s sequel Raging Sea . Coney island has a five-nation race of ocean-dwelling warriors, and the series sounds unique and quite interesting, possibly for fans of The 100. Genre: Fantasy and possible some Sci Fi

Someone Else’s Summer- When Anna’s sister Storm dies in a tragic accident, she decides to do everything on Storm’s bucket list in honor of her memory, including a trip to the coast! A story of love, loss, and self discovery! Genre: Contemporary

Magic of Blood and Sea- A pirate princess and a cursed assassin go on an adventure after the princess has been exiled from her pirate clan. Genre: Adventure

So, did you guys like any of these as potential summer reads? Let me know in the comments down below, and happy summer reading!

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