I know many people don’t always consider audiobooks to be a valid book format, making it a somewhat controversial issue. However, I thoroughly enjoy listening to certain types of books. For me, a lot of if I will enjoy an audiobook has to do with the narrator’s voice. If the voice is robotic and sounds like Siri is reading me a story, I am probably not going to enjoy it.

However, I especially enjoy an audiobook when the author themselves have narrated it. It’s like you are reading the book in the exact innotation and emphasis on certain words that you would never fully be able to grasp through guess work when reading a novel. In fiction and fantasy I like to make the worlds my own, so I tend to prefer using my own reading voice. However, there are some genres that I tend to prefer listening to a narrator. Also, audiobooks allow me to listen while working out and driving, and as someone who is a perpetually bored driver, it helps me avoid speeding out of sheer boredom on the roads.

So, without further ado, here is a list of some audiobooks that I really enjoyed, as well as what genres I prefer.

Top 3 Audiobook Genres

  1. Memoirs/Biography- I don’t think that any other format of audiobook could beat the memoir and biography genre. The author gets to describe their truth for the book, and since it is literally about their life, it is really cool to hear how they speak things, sometimes in a completely different way than imagined while reading.
  2. Humor- Sometimes hearing the words can really add to the humor. I found this to be very true with many of the books I’ve listened to, which of course, tend to also be memoirs.
  3. Science Fiction- I’m not sure if this theory holds completely true yet. However, I have been listening to Ready Player One on audiobook and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so much that I’m adding science fiction to the list. This is my first science fiction book to listen to, so we will see if it stays in the Top 3, or if it is just how addicting I find Ready, Player One to be! The narrator, Will Wheaton, is very entertaining, and like I said before, that can really make or break an audiobook for me.


Top Audiobooksย 

Born A Crime by Trevor Noah– This book was outstanding. The best audiobook I have listened to, Trevor Noah’s story is incredibly inspiring, almost unbelievable, and somehow blends very dark stories with humor. It is narrated in his voice, and you can just feel the emotions in certain scenes. This is not one to be missed!

Ready Player One- I have not even finished this one yet, but you guys, this book is blowing me away! The best science fiction book I have read since Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, and if you know my favorite classics, that is a very big deal! The narrator is amazing, which is why I’m also listing it on top audiobooks. The entire book so far is captivating.

Talking As Fast As I Can– If you are a fan of Lauren Graham, you will definitely enjoy this book! She talks just like she does on the show Gilmore Girls, and her witty remarks are very fun to listen to versus read on the page. I may be a bit biased for this one, but if you are a fan definitely check this one out!

The Queen of the Tearling– Katherine Kellgren’s narration of Kelsea was exactly as how I would imagine the words on the page to sound. I was disappointed when I listened to the rest and she was not the narrator, however they were still also pretty decent. The narration for the first book in the series had so much emotion, and Kellgren was able to capture different characters voices and personalities extremely well.

Girl On The Train– This is the only audiobook I’ve listened to with multiple narrators, which is why it made the list. Although I only found the actual plot to be just okay, something about listening to a book with multiple narrators made it kind of spectacular. It was almost like watching a TV show, but while also being able to get inside of the character’s minds at a very deep level.

That sums up my list of audiobooks that made it onto my Top 5! Do you guys like discussing audibooks? What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!


*This post contains affiliate links. You get an awesome book, and I get a small commission. All opinions are honest and my own.