Sometimes we want fun lighthearted reads that can distract us from the minutia of everyday life. Other times, we may want a book that is completely mind blowing and gets us to think; not only about the story and plot itself, but how those exact plots bring about a larger overarching message about how we interact with people and the ways in which our society is structured today. Here are 5 books that will leave you with the need to reread them, overthink them, and analyze them, in the best way possible.

Ready Player One– Although it may seem simple on the surface, Ready Player One is a story that takes you to a future that does not seem far fetched at all. Much like Black Mirror’s episodes relating to how technology can sometimes go too far and have unintended consequences, Ready Player One takes place in a world where people live in a virtual reality more often than they live in the real world. Understandably so, as many people in this society live in small trailer parks that consist of multiple family dwellings sharing one or two bedrooms. Ready Player One really makes you think about some deep philosophical questions such as; if the world is worse in reality than in the virtual world, what would most people do? Would people want to fix these problems, or would they want to pretend nothing happened and that everything is fine by hiding in the virtual reality? Of course, these sorts of questions have been analyzed before in movies such as the Matrix, but Ready Player One puts you in the mindset of gamers extraordinarily well, and also takes the reader much closer to the futuristic society because it draws many similar parallels to ours. The 80s pop culture references also help to ground the story in a potential futuristic world of today. Also, a future form of BitCoin kind of takes over the economy, where many people value virtual money just as much or more so than cash. This book will have you questioning what will happen in the future, and how many predictions about technology and the economy are right,, long after you finish it.

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The Fate of the Tearling

This story is the last in a three part series, and the Tearling series does very well in questioning how societies are set up, and also if there is such a thing as an ideal society. If you are into reading works such as Plato’s Republic, or just want to question if human nature can be changed, as well as the government’s role in people’s lives, this story and series as a whole are for you.


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Empress Of A Thousand Skies

This book looks at a world where humans are directly connected to technology. Not only do we live on thousands of planets, but we also use gadgets in our brains that allow us to have every memory on hand. Of course, remembering everything like it was an hour ago has its benefits and its drawbacks. However short the story is, it really gets you to think about what it would be like to live in a world where technology is so prevalent that people rely on it to remember their favorite memory with their closest friends, for example.

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The Handmaid’s Tale

This one, of course, is a given. A world where women’s rights are extinct is a world that will continuously ask you to think and question everything. It will also help you to analyze not only the negatives, but the positives in how far we have come in women’s rights. It is a cautionary tale, and an important one.

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I finished this book in 2015, and I still think about it on a pretty regular basis. If you’ve ever wondered about if changing the past would change anything in the present, you need to read this book! It discusses the philosophy of human action, as well as the idea of fate. Are some things just destined to be, or can you really change time?

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