Have you ever stared at your bio contemplating what the heck you are actually supposed to use this section for besides a username and profile picture? Well fret no more because this post is full of ideas of how to effectively use your bio to reach your goals on bookstagram.

The bio can actually be quite a powerful tool. Much like when you meet someone for the first time in real life, the way you choose to present yourself will make the people viewing your bio make a snap judgement about you. How do you want to present yourself?

If you are an author, perhaps you want to discuss the new books you have planned. Or if you are a book blogger, your primary goal may be to help people learn more about your blog!  This post will help you further brainstorm ideas in how to create a bio that helps you reach your goals on Bookstagram, whether these be professional goals, or just figuring out how to better present your personality and interests!

This is actually an excerpt from my book, Post Your Best Bookstagram Photos Ever! I hope you all enjoy and find the information useful!

The Bio

The elusive bio; crafting one can be quite tricky. The important thing to remember about a bio is that you want to keep it short, sweet, and to the point while also giving your potential followers an idea about what your feed is all about.

Your bio can help you stay consistent to your goals for your feed on bookstagram. Here are some things to include on your bio if you are having trouble coming up with something to write.

Of course, only add these elements if you feel comfortable. I have added personal information on mine because I want to be transparent with you guys, however, what you decide to add is completely up to you :

1. Your name – let people get to know you!

2. Your country or state- this can help people know more about your culture and where you come from! I love seeing that I have followers from other countries and places around the world!

3. Emoticons- these are fun, and can really add to the theme of your feed. If you have decided to go with a dark theme for example, you can use dark emoticons, such as a purple heart or skull and cross bones (also good for a pirate theme!).

4. Anything you want your followers to know about you- make sure they know your account is about books!! You want to attract people that have the same interests that you do!

5. Show off your personality! Are you an introvert? An extrovert? Do you have particular quirks?

6. Any links you would like your followers to know about; this is where you’ll put your blog address, goodreads account, author website, or any other link you want your followers to see. I would also recommend adding some information about the link in your bio. For example, “check out my new blog post about…!”

7. A fun bookish thing to add is either what book you are currently reading (CR), or the book count you’ve been doing for the year. Definitely not required but it can be a fun element to add to your bookstagram.

Make sure to also curate your bio to fit in with your theme, profile picture, and username, it will make you more memorable to users and help you to stand out!

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