Many of us are on budgets. Sometimes we look at that famous bookstagrammer with the millions of props and expensive merchandise and it can be frustrating. But, the truth is that many, many people are successful on bookstagram without all of that!

Of course, I personally enjoy the accounts with lots of expensive merch, however, that is only one way to use props for bookstagram. You can still use bookstagram and not want or need to spend a lot, and many accounts have been successful in doing so! In this post I will give you some tips for how to accomplish this.

Pick Props That You Already Have Around the House

You could create a cool new latte, use old craft supplies, or burn a candle! The possibilities are endless. I have even been known to use the Amazon box my books came in as a prop itself. For specific ideas on props to use at home, I have created a list that you can get just by subscribing to my blog! All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of this article and sign up!

Reuse Props

You can always creatively reuse props in a way that does not make it seem repetitive. Perhaps the prop is in the background or is used in a different angle. An example of a prop that I have personally reused is a chalk board. Being able to write different relevant things has helped to up its versatility.

Find Props From Craft Stores When They Are On Sales

Craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby have great deals every once and a while. Also, don’t forget to check their clearance sections, they sometimes have great items for very cheap!

Go To Other Stores Known for Cheap Goods

For example, Dollar Stores and the Target Dollar Spot are both places that sell cute items for free. A cute stationary print from Target could run you $1. Also, sometimes dollar stores have books for $1 as well, you can’t beat those prices!

Use Your Books as Props

With the right background, the book itself can really be all you need for a prop if the photo is done right.

Go to Garage Sales and Estate Sales

You would be surprised what you might find!

Use a Minimalistic Aesthetic

If you have ever scrolled through my own feed, you may notice that I do not use many props myself. Of course, I have chosen quite a minimalistic style of feed. Because my feed is minimalistic, my audience does not expect me to have tons of props in my photos. I also like going minimalistic on my feed because I can focus very specifically on a few key props that really relate to said book I am posting about.

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